Community Groups At Fellowship

Find your place to connect and do life with others

These groups are typically made up of 10-14 adults and meet every other week on various nights. They are built for long-term growth and discipleship, as it takes time to deeply know and care for each other. The groups focus typically include 5 things:

  1. Building relationship with one another. This is a “community”. It is a place to feel safe, to be able to share honestly and openly; a place where people know your story.
  2. Life application of the Word of God.
  3. Worship and prayer. We pray for each other, and seek God with each other.
  4. Serve one another and serve our neighbors. As people bind together, there is a natural sharing of service to one another in practical needs. All of our groups are encouraged also to find practical ways to serve others in need in our neighborhoods (whether it be inner city or locally)
  5. Being the "first line of help" when there is a need in a group. When there is a need for moving boxes, sharing meals, last second babysitting or pitching in during a hard time, our groups are designed to be ready to care and tangibly love for each other as there is need.  

Our groups each look a little different. We have young marrieds groups, a young adult group, families with a zillion kids groups, empty nesters groups and some that are cross-generational.